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Hello and welcome to my tumblr, I use this just to spam things I like (like most) and upload my art and cosplay, along with covers I may never upload! I hope you like my page and have a good day, Art below by rikarai - Nipah
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ask-armin-things asked : I was thinking since you sing so beautifully you should really sing Immer Sie from DMMD that would be so cool but only if you want! You sing wonderful so I was thinking hha

I actually am planning to record that ^ ^

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Anonymous asked : When's your next livestream ;0; //waits next to computer

Maybe tomorrow? O UO

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Anonymous asked : Nipah. I just wanted to say you are one of the nicest people follow. I love your cosplays and your singing.Your boyfriend is a really lucky guy.

houhujdhgdhjau thank you Q 3Q)!!! 

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Anonymous asked : I'm concerned. You are part of my boyfriend's daily routine. Your tumblr never leaves his tabs and he refreshes every few hours then proceeds to share what you've posted with me.

thats… rather adorable actually. Tell him thank you and sorry I dont put up a lot of content xD;

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lapislazuiltheaethermob asked : Bagels or toast

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captainfrosties asked : omG UR SO CUTE HOW ARE YO U EVEN REAL ;;;;

I’m really a Square Enix character.

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ordinarypeoplescareme asked : I've heard you did Howl (from Howl's Moving Castle) once? Howl is my like longtime crush ok you have to show me a picture or tag me yo pleaseeee

I reblogged my photoset of Howl ^ ^

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