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Hello and welcome to my tumblr, I use this just to spam things I like (like most) and upload my art and cosplay, along with covers I may never upload! I hope you like my page and have a good day, Art below by rikarai - Nipah
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soko-chan asked : Wow I didn't know you have Tumblr~ I've been following you on DA since you debuted your Male Anna cosplay ^.^ Hmm, since I'm here! What's been you favourite cosplay you've done so far?? ~

Ummm…maybe Aoba or Howl once its done OTL;

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midnight-pursona asked : I'm so in love with your cosplay. <3 Especially your Aoba and Bird Howl! I hope you keep up doing amazing work, I can't wait to see what you have in store for the future. <3

Thank you very much ^ 3^) <333

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zappycat asked : Are you an Andrew roommate or friends or more then friends if your gay it wont Change my opinion on you I spill still think your AWSOME and amazing

ummm. Me and him have been dating for over 3 years ^ ^;;

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Anonymous asked : Do you and Andrew live together?


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seragaki-aoba-sly-blue asked : (Holy cow your Eren Jeager out o' titan cosplay is amazing!)

Thank you very much > u<)/

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Remember by Robbyn Kirmsse
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Anonymous asked : i really like the way you take compliments with a "thank you!" instead of an annoying "NO I'M NOOOOOOT YOU LIAR" it's really refreshing and shows your appreciation for the compliment. :) But jeez man you really are good looking holy moly

Well thank you very much dear ~ <3 You’re really sweet.

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