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Hello and welcome to my tumblr, I use this just to spam things I like (like most) and upload my art and cosplay, along with covers I may never upload! I hope you like my page and have a good day, Art below by rikarai - Nipah
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Anonymous asked : What would you do if you suddenly woke up and your life was now DMMd? (Andrew would be the cutie-pootie Ren)

Cry because with my luck id get a bad route Q u Q!!!!

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Anonymous asked : Why do you like DMMd?

I’ve played Nitro games in the past and while they were good nothing really stuck out to me, DMMd on the other hand first caught my attention cause of their designs. As fashion disaster as they might be I love all of the designs in the game, the look of it is beautiful and the voice acting/story is quite beautiful too. I like playing dating sims but I hate playing ones where there’s no character development or story, this wasn’t like that. You really get to know each character and relate to them and have feelings towards them, the game does an excellent job at tugging at your heart strings. From a cosplay point of view I wanted to cosplay Aoba as soon as I saw him, something about that shade of blue really made me want to LOL. All in all its just a really good game and now a good anime.

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Anonymous asked : How old do you think is old enough to play dmmd? Lol

I personally think 16-17+ Though many younger people have played it, I just think asides the huge amount of sexual content there is also a lot of gore, rape triggers, abuse, gang violence etc. Asides all the mess it has a great story and for those who don’t care for all that stuff Nitro is releasing DMMD Re:code which is basically the game but rated T (15+) so younger players can enjoy the game and its story if they’re uncomfortable with everything else in it.

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Anonymous asked : I'm cosplaying Izumi too and I was wondering if I should buy a lot of magical girl themed props for it? Like maybe a lala lulu doll?

There is no Lala lulu merchandise out yet (trust me, ive looked.) Though you can get sailor moon stuff since that’s basically who she supposed to be. I’ve been making my own Lala lulu stuff though for my own cosplay xD; Im trying to make a Lala lulu body pillow cause thats one of Izumis prized possesions. 

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Anonymous asked : You guys sound cute, may I hear your story?

lol, I get asked to tell this a lot so i’ll just say it now and link it to people in the future. We both started out doing covers on YouTube about 6-7 years ago, I didn’t meet Andrew till 2010 though, we were both added into a chorus group and were the only males in it amongst the many girls. (Back then on youtube it was hard to find male vocalists who sang Anime/Voclaoid songs). Being the only guys we bonded and quickly developed a fake “fan service-esque” Uke and Seme relationship. We mostly did it to annoy the girls in the chat xD. Over time we just got closer and closer and one day he asked me out, unlucky for him though my internet went out for a week so he had to wait that long to get my answer, not knowing if I had seen it or not xD; Of course, I say yes and ta dah, were dating now lol. We had a long distance relationship for about two years before I came to visit him for the first time, after that I maybe visited him 6 times before going to live with him. Some bad stuff happened to me personally back in Florida and I couldn’t stay there or with family (WHOLE OTHER long story that I don’t want to discuss.) So Andrews parents were nice enough to allow me to live at their house with him. Now its been over a year and im still here and were saving up for our own place. ~

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Anonymous asked : Are long distance relationships hard?

It was sometimes but we talked everyday and every night we fell asleep with each other on the phone, I basically spent whatever free time I had for two years in skype calls with him, communication is HUGE in a long distance relationship and you need to talk as often as possible. Talking to him all the time like that made it easier and I myself believe starting out long distance made me cherish the time we now have together more.

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Anonymous asked : Do you sleep with Andrew?

Yeah, we share the same bed /o/

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Anonymous asked : where did you get your fake noiz peircings? :o

Taobao ~

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Anonymous asked : this is gonna sound probably really awkward but I want to cosplay you. or maybe a female you I dunno. either way I wanna cosplay you. first, I wanted to ask permission and also, I wanted to know what clothes I should wear. like are there any trademark clothes of yours?

OH! Uhh, why cosplay me? o Ao! Im flattered you’d like to though!

Black and blue are my main colors, I always wear a stripped shirt in my designs. Blue eyes. I wear a necklace that has a wing on it almost everyday (you can probably see it in some of my photos). Dark blue pants, converse?

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