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Hello and welcome to my tumblr, I use this just to spam things I like (like most) and upload my art and cosplay, along with covers I may never upload! I hope you like my page and have a good day, Art below by rikarai - Nipah
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Anonymous asked : OH MY GOD YOU'RE THE PERSON WHO COVERED CLEAR'S SONG HOLY DONGERS I like you even more than I already did.

LOL yes that’d be me.

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arinai-015 asked : it's my first time cosplaying and one thing that I've notice is that by the time i'm done putting my cosplay on (i'm cosplaying as eren jaeger) i'm so sweaty it's unbearable. is there a way to avoid this?

nope . u .);;; Cosplay can be very uncomfortable at times. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and if you’re making your cosplay pick materials that are soft and nice on your skin. 

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Anonymous asked : I reached out to a friend crying and depressed after my parent told me I'm lazy and get fatter every day. My friend told me that he didn't have time to talk because he was on a date. Am I being inconsiderate by thinking he should have said something nicer?

I think he didn’t know the full extent of how you were feeling so reacted like he did. He was also in the middle of a date and probably didn’t want to ignore his date by being on the phone. Try calling him later today? I don’t think you were inconsiderate I just think it was bad timing.

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smoshar asked : I found you on Instagram but I wanted to ask if it's really you or not :/ ? + I like your cosplays you're so great omg ;u; <3

I do not have an instagram ^ ^; sadly that is not me.

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Anonymous asked : What was the quote, if you don't mind my asking? You don't have to answer if you'd like to keep it personal.


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