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Hello and welcome to my tumblr, I use this just to spam things I like (like most) and upload my art and cosplay, along with covers I may never upload! I hope you like my page and have a good day, Art below by rikarai - Nipah
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Anonymous asked : What products do you use to make yourself paler? And do you do an all over block colour or do you use concealer and contour your skin?

I use the lightest powder I can find (Usually “pale” or “fair) I dont have a specific brand cause I just go with the cheapest for powders. I use concealer and then contour, on my most cosplays I only ever contour my nose though, ill do more if its needed for the character.

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Anonymous asked : have you ever tanned your skin for cosplay?

Sorta, I just use different foundations for different characters. 

Ive also made myself paler.

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fowfs asked : Do you have an Instagram?

Yeah I just made one yesterday! Its “Nipahcos”

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Anonymous asked : Why is Baby Got Back making a comeback? That came out when I was in elementary school @_@

You sure you’re not confusing that with Anaconda. It samples “Baby got back” and has Sir Mix A lot in it as well.

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[agressively draws cute makoharu][realizes it looks like makoto is kissing haru goodbye] sHIT
(photo ref used)
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littlemiyu asked : (/O u O)/

(/* A*)/

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